Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Professional Development Plan&Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Professional Development Plan&Review - Essay Example The following description states the goals that I have set, these are the self goal of completing assignments in time, group goal of increased coordination and finally critically evaluating my writing skills. I furthermore explain the manner in which I have gone through the process of developing them and the results obtained. In my education, I have gone through many different problems and trying times. Some hindered me from achieving the best in university and thus I set several goals to ensure that they were eliminated. One of the problems that I had was the inability to complete my assignments in time. This was a major hindrance and in an effort to eliminate it, I set the goal of always preparing for my assignments early. This was effective as it offered me spare time that I went through the work to ensure perfection. There were a number of stages involved in the accomplishment of this. The first stage in this process was to ensure that I had an overview of the whole assignment so that I could divide it to ensure that I finish the parts in place. This was bound to help me break down the work and it made it seem simple. I was also be able to have my own self calendar to keep in mind the deadlines. In case of failure, I was supposed to accept it and work on all my mistakes to avoid them in future. The learning strategies for the perfection of the plan were to ensure that the project I was working on got ready three weeks due. The opportunities that I put into use were practicing on my own to identify my weak areas. Moreover, I was able to set my own study time and work with my friends as they added me knowledge that I did not have before and I offered them new knowledge (Cottrell, 2010, 71). To improve my motivation to start preparing for assignments in one month is important. I also had access to books and the internet as a source of my information and due to my consistency. My plan worked and the evidence that I was

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