Monday, February 17, 2020

Healthcare Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Healthcare Management - Research Paper Example For Mini, her job was to identify the managerial processes that must be implemented, designed, and completed prior to opening day. Till now, she had identified several processes, like financial management, human resources, supply chain management, governmental compliance, and credentialing that would work behind providing Dr. Yen his dream solo practice. However, the main challenge in this situation was to assure that the practice is ready to operate in 60 days. With no ray of sunshine coming from the sky, Mini hoped to find a lightning of creativity to identify managerial processes that must be implemented, designed, and completed prior to opening day. Mini set to work immediately and started with the background. FroYen Clinic is a clinic that is developed and made for those individuals who need services for a doctor in the area of XYM. The service that is to be set in motion in the coming 60 days has set its focus on those individuals as well as patients that need an affordable, re liable, and clean place for the cure of their illness or problems. The market identified therefore begins from low end and continues till the high end market where more preference is on those patients who have enough money for healthcare. In order to set the operations of FroYen Clinic in motion, the main objective is to begin a service for those individuals who have income for healthcare. ... With the help of Dr. Yen’s best physician practices, thereby depicting the service, maintenance of the quality standards, establishing a comforting environment for the patients, and the activation of strong managerial practices, the confidence of the targeted market would be easy to gain. Zwith the amount of revenue generated over the years, the clinic will also expand by purchasing the relevant machines. The financing will be carried out from the initial capital and loans. For FroYen Clinic to be operating in the health sector environment would mean adding a huge contribution to the already existing infrastructure. This step will therefore reduce the influx of patients for other hospitals at the XYM area. The established clinic will hence, possess sufficient resources and professional conduct of the physician that will work as an advantage for the FroYen Clinic as well as the patients most of the times. The clinic will be following a result based performance evaluation framew ork so that the inefficiencies can be soundly addressed to ensure greater quality. A solo practice faces a number of challenges but developing strategies to ensure availability of quality health service will work towards decreasing those challenges. FroYen Clinic will therefore work as a means to curing illness through the use of efficient medical treatments and will commence its operations in the coming 60 days. The clinic will start on July 10th 2012 and will be established at the XYM Place Nth Ave with one physician that is Dr. Yen, a physician assistant, a nurse practitioner, and a receptionist. The one Line Pitch identified for FroYen Clinic is therefore: â€Å"Because We

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